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  • Tyler Spellious


It hasn’t felt much like Spring this Spring, am I right? Here in the Quad Cities, it is raining and flooding – as is the tradition in Spring. But the cold has persisted, like the world has forgotten to put the Midwest on “defrost”. The season doesn’t seem to want to change. I think that reflects us sometimes.

We all have seasons of our lives. Chances are you’ve been through a few if you’re reading this. We go from being a baby to a child, from a child to a teenager, from a teenager to an adult with responsibilities. Perhaps you have gone from living with someone, like your parents, to living alone. Maybe you went from living alone to living with a significant other. Perhaps you have left behind independence and freedom and had to take care of someone. These are all changes in our lives that could be counted as seasons. Whether these changes are good or bad, they always come with some anxiety and grief over the changes that our happening.

When we encounter these changes, we can either try to live in the past season and deny the change, or we can embrace the change and see what the new season of our life has in store for us. I’m not trying to say changing from one season of our lives to a new one is easy or as instantaneous as making a choice – it can take time. But when we begin a new season of our lives, we can either look towards the change with fear, or with excitement for what is to come. We can view change as either a curse, or a blessing for something new from God. Even a change in mindset might help us get through the difficult change in our lives.

This Spring has me wanting to get unstuck, and looking forward, to see the new season right on the horizon.


The Table is a Christian church in Davenport, Iowa, pursuing transformation:

from greed toward generosity

from violence toward peacemaking

from isolation toward neighborliness

from fear toward faith

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