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I'm kind of a mess.  Am I welcome?

Yes.  We're all a mess.  Church isn’t supposed to be a place for people who have everything together.  It’s not a club for people to show off how well everything is going for them.  Church is for people who are dealing with real problems, and believe that community makes a big difference.  The Table is a messy gathering place where the hurt are finding healing and the hungry are finding bread.  Also, if you don't have reliable transportation, we have a team of volunteers who bring people to church, and other places to meet various needs.  Fill out our contact form on this site or email to request a ride.

I’m not a good Christian.  Am I Welcome?

Yes.  ‘Good Christian’  is a ridiculous ideal, anyway.  At The Table, some people have been gone from church for a long time, and some have never been to church before at all.  Some know next to nothing about the bible or religion, others are very knowledgeable but disbelieve a lot of what they’ve heard in churches.  There are devout Christians at The Table, and many people who don’t know what they believe about anything.  The Table is a Christian church, where the Bible is the central book and the Gospel is the central story.   But Table leaders try to avoid assuming where anyone is coming from when they walk through the doors, and instead just stick to talking about the love of God, and the ways that Jesus helps people live more generous, peaceful, neighborly and faithful lives.

I’m LGBTQ.  Am I welcome?

Yes.  The Table is an Open and Affirming Church, meaning that all sexual orientations, gender identities, and family configurations are embraced.   Leadership roles in the church are entrusted to individuals without regard to sexual orientation or gender identity.  Love and fidelity are celebrated at The Table, and the community is deeply invested in supporting singles and all kinds of couples and families as they grow in faith.

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