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  • Pastor Torri Vande Zande

Was Jesus a Chicken?

A farmer’s barn caught on fire. Attached to the side of it was a small chicken coop with chickens in it. As the fire grew, the flames began to lick the outer frame of the coop. The farmer ran to the door and quickly yanked it open so the frantic chickens could escape. They all bolted out and scattered.

After the fire was out, the farmer approached the coop and stepped inside. It had heavy fire and smoke damage. As he was assessing the situation he came across a nest. Snuggled inside of it was a lone hen. She had died in the fire. Her feathers were blackish gray and singed from the flames. Her head hung low.

The farmer was confused because all the other chicken were frantic and scrambling to get out… but not this one. She stayed on her nest. Why?

He reached out with both hands to lift the hen and was startled as he felt wiggling underneath her. Then, he took one hand and gently turned the hen over to reveal four little chicks alive and well. The mother hen chose to protect her young chicks by gathering them under her wings and protecting them. She sacrificed herself so they could live.

In Luke 13:34, Jesus compares himself to a hen gathering his people under his extended wings. He longed to protect his people. As we read through Luke, we find that the extended wings of a hen become Jesus’ extended arms on the cross.

Was Jesus a chicken? Yes, but he was more than just a chicken. He was a protective hen who chose to sacrifice his life to save ours.

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