Come to sing, pray, and hear the story of God's Grace. Come to meet and speak with other people, and to share the peace of Christ.

The Table is a 'come as you are' church.  This applies to attire, but at a deeper level, we are invited into God's house without pretense.  Laughing or crying, burdened or carefree. Thankful or jaded, focused or lost.  Wealthy or empty-handed, confident or full of doubt.  


Come as you really are.    

A typical Sunday service is about 1 hour.  We begin with singing and share the peace of Christ.  The bible is read at every gathering, followed by a message.  We share holy communion every week, using bread (with a gluten-free option) and grape juice. 


There is always dialogue at The Table.  The sermons often feature questions people are invited to respond to.  The stories of members of the community are shared as testimonials, and blessings are frequently for those in need of prayer and support. 


Kids are an active part of life at The Table. Children are invited to experience the gospel as fully as anyone else, and they are supposed to be themselves as they do so.  


The Table is an Open and Affirming Church, a member body of The United Church of Christ.  

Kids at Church

Table gatherings are multi-generational, interactive worship services.  On a typical Sunday, there are as many kids as grown-ups at The Table.  The experience of children in worship is as important as the experience of adults, and The Table tries to shape this time with the nourishment of all ages in mind. 


There are rows of chairs in part of the space, and there are tables for seating as well.  There are areas with art supplies and kids’ books, as well as carpeted space for babies to play and explore. 


Kids choose their preferred way to engage with the service.  Some sit with parents and engage with the readings and preaching similarly to the adults.  Some read, draw or write.  There are also ways that kids are invited to contribute actively in the liturgy of the worship time. 


On some Sundays, there is an adult-led activity that takes children into a classroom, like a game or art project.  But children are not required to leave the space their parents are in. 

Do you need a ride to church?  No worries.  We'll be there. 
Dinner Gatherings

We gather in homes for Table fellowship. 

​​Gatherings are about an hour and a half. Here’s what we do:

We hang out and get to know each other.  We pray. We share a meal.


We engage in sacred conversation around a chosen topic or theme. Recent topics and themes have been: “How do we go from being strangers to be neighbors with the people around us?” “How are fear and faithfulness active and/or opposing forces in our lives?”


We close with Holy Communion. This is also called the Eucharist or The Lord’s Supper. It’s a way we remember the promises Jesus made on the last night he shared with his friends before his death. Jesus gave his disciples bread and wine and in so doing taught them (and us) that all people are loved and sought after by God. 

EMAIL: gather@thetableqc, if you'd like to attend!