Choose Wisely

I didn’t grow up giving things up for Lent. In high school I learned there was a tradition of remembering the uncertainty and discomfort Jesus went through, by giving up something we loved for Lent. The forty days of Lent also symbolize people joining Jesus on his journey through the desert for forty days before beginning his ministry. I remember thinking giving things up was a funny tradition. I would always give up something easy – chocolate, or soda, which I rarely consumed anyway. For myself and most other people I knew, Lent was treated as a renewed New Year’s Resolution. We’d give up something we knew was bad for us for the sake of making us healthier. It was a Rabbi in seminary who

Made Whole

Tell me if you relate to this. When I’m feeling broken and I long for healing, my heart imagines a return to the way things were, before I got hurt, or before I hurt someone else. I remember the days when all was well. It may be a long time ago but it feels so close, that time when I wasn’t worried about anything, because the troubles had not yet come. Sometimes I fantasize about a way things could have gone, writing a new history of my life, in which disaster was avoided. In the broken moments, when I’m in pain, when I’m a mess, when I’m looking down at the fragments of my life, scattered in shards around my feet, I long to have things restored, put back together. I want to heal, and I

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