Grateful in the Loss

It was around noon on Thanksgiving Day. My mom and I sat in dad’s hospital room watching television while he slept. This was the third year in a row dad became sick over Thanksgiving. I remember my mom looking at me and saying, “I don’t want to eat hospital food again.” We quietly told dad we were leaving for a little while, got in the car and looked for a place to eat. We drove back and forth down Main Street at least 4 times before we found a little corner restaurant open. We walked into the diner to find no one but the staff. They were sitting in a far corner booth across the restaurant. We were the only customers . They greeted us kindly and sat us at a booth near the exit. The waitres

It's Personal.

When I was in high school and college I had a pen pal who was in prison. He talked about his faith a lot, and he thought of himself as the most incorrigible sinner that God ever met. Grace was the most amazing thing in the world to him, because he was such a vile person that if God could forgive him and love him, truly nothing was impossible for God. I found out years later that he was in prison for molesting little kids. I was a pastor by then, and I immediately thought of how he characterized his faith in his letters, describing God as the holy and righteous one, who released and redeemed him from his evil nature. God is the Ultimate Good, who alone can forgive sinners. His testimony

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