The Great Spiritual Migration

Brian McLaren talks a lot about ‘a new way of being a Christian’, in his book The Great Spiritual Migration, and other writings. He describes at least three fundamental changes (or conversions, or movements) that will make churches and Christians different in the years to come than how they’ve been in the past. A Way of Life: Christianity will be understood less as a system of beliefs and more as a way that people choose to orient themselves around an ethic of love and sacrificial service. People will still hold and value their beliefs, but Christians will care less about pledging allegiance to doctrine, and more about putting Jesus’ radical teachings about generosity, justice, neigh

Start and Stop

Please Stop Stop the name calling Stop being afraid of those you never met Stop spending so much time being right that you don’t have time to be kind or loving Stop the statements of what it means to be ‘Christian’ that make you forget what it means to live and love like Christ. Please stop wasting time, energy, money, power and authority. Dear Church, please start: Being people who love the unloved Please start feeding the hungry Please start clothing the naked Please start bringing peace Please start living like Jesus so intensely that you start to even smell Like the dirty, dust covered, sweaty, desert dwelling Jesus of the Bible. ________________________________

Sunday Worship | 5:00PM 

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