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We hold the whole truth within us, not just the good parts. There’s been a lot of racial tension in our nation the past few years – a lot of high-profile stories of injustice, a lot of activism, a lot of marches. But the recent protests and violence in Charlottesville felt bigger, an alarming new plane of conflict that left many of us aghast. Nazis and and Klansmen were marching on one of the nation’s great universities, trying to ‘unite the right,’ and driving cars into crowds of peaceful protesters. The President gave a response that white supremacists cheered. The shock of it was fundamental to those who thought we’d been moving in a better direction as a nation – is this my country?

3 Steps to Having a Peaceful Conversation in a Chaotic Time

Over the past several weeks there have been many protests across the United States. These protests are about free speech, white supremacy, black lives matter, equal rights and other ideologies people believe are important to call one-self an American. It has been interesting and heart-breaking to watch the unfolding of these events. Last night I was thinking about all the relationships I have built over the years. Some of my friends are very conservative. They love President Trump, have a conceal and carry permit, vote Republican and consider themselves part of the political right wing. Some of my other friends are very liberal. They can’t stand President Trump, they go to rallies carrying r

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